Episode #9 Monica Dilworth Watson: How Your Style IS Social Media Branding

Monica Dilworth Watson is someone that at a young age was often found wandering through people's closets to look at and to try on their clothes. Cute, right? Because it probably wouldn't be as cute at the age of 24, Monica has taken her love for clothes and designing capsule wardrobes to become a Style & Biz Coach. Now, she helps soulful entrepreneurs create boho capsule wardrobes that align with their souls and their brands so that they will attract their ideal clients on social media. In this episode, Monica shares her unique story as well as her expertise on building cohesive wardrobes and why it's important to utilize them in your branding! Connect and follow Monica in her Facebook Group: www.facebook.com/groups/217016068702147, on Instagram: www.instagram.com/monicadilworthwatson/, or on her website: www.monicadilworthwatson.com.

The Big Leap: Amzn.to/2PSSzcz

Episode #8 Taylor Slango: Manifesting BIG THINGS into Your Life

Taylor Slango is an absolute magician when it comes to manifesting things into her life, and in this episode she not only tells us about her journey and her manifestation success stories, but she also shares how ANYONE can go about manifesting BIG THINGS into their lives! Whether you're brand new to the world of manifesting or a seasoned pro, this episode will serve to encourage, inspire, and teach you! You can connect with Taylor at www.taylorslango.com. And you can find your copy of the free manifesting workbook here: www.taylorslango.com/workbook !

The Universe Has Your Back: Amzn.to/2PYYtsE

Episode #7 Tigrilla Gardenia: Focusing on What Makes You Happy

Tigrilla Gardenia is Communications Consultant for the Natural Business Leader and a Keynote Speaker on Plant Intelligence. In this episode, she shares her unique perspective and story on building nature-based businesses, choosing happiness over money (although we all know money follows when you choose happiness), and going against the status quo. You can connect further with Tigrilla at tigrillagardenia.com/consultant/ .

Episode #4 Lottie Dalziel: Balancing Life and Business

In this Episode, we talk with Lottie Dalziel, Founder of Banish and Co-founder of TOSKA. Lottie tells her unique story of staying in her 9 to 5 while running two businesses on the side. She also shares her advice on learning how to balance all of the work she has while still finding time for herself. Learn more about Lottie and her businesses at Banish.com.au and Toskaactive.com

Thrive: Amzn.to/2JcG8pJ

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Episode #3 Alex Morton: Making it Work No Matter What

In this episode, Alex Morton joins us to share her entrepreneurial perspective on taking the skills you already have and turning them into a business. Alex's story is one of risk-taking, believing everything will work out without proof, and doing whatever it takes to be successful. Connect with Alex at www.alexmortoncreative.com

You are a Badass: amzn.to/2PRSHcm 
You are a Badass at Making Money: amzn.to/2RaRXiJ

Episode #2 Elizabeth Modene: Finding your Passion & Just Going for it

In this episode, Psychic Medium, Elizabeth Modene, joins us to share her unique story of encountering obstacles that turned out to be blessings in disguise, hitting rock bottom, and turning her passion into her business. Connect with Elizabeth here: www.facebook.com/groups/sovereigngoddesslifecoaching/