Speaking & Press

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I am a Personal Business Coach for Millennial Entrepreneurs. My mission is to help others live their limitless lives by pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors. I strive to share my mission, my expertise and to inspire others by utilizing speaking and press platforms to share my message.


My in-person speaking events include workshops and seminars where I speak mostly to entrepreneurs, students, and professional organizations. 

My articles are often entrepreneurial-based and delve into subjects such as mindset, overcoming obstacles, leveraging your time, building a business, upleveling a business, and other beneficial tips to success. 

Some of my most-requested talks include:

  • 5 Steps to Start Building Your Successful Online Business

  • How to Leverage Facebook for Effective Collaboration

  • A Checkup on Your Entrepreneurial Mindset (Using Intuition, Law of Attraction, and other mindset-building strategies in your business)

  • How to Turn a Side Hustle into Full-Time Income with Ease

  • Creating a Solid Money Mindset Foundation for your Business

  • How to Break Free of Impostor Syndrome and Show Up as an Expert

Where you've seen me: 

  • Thrive Global

  • Medium

  • IamDanElson.com

  • The Daily Grind Podcast

  • 100 State

  • DreamBank Madison

  • The Dream Life is Real Life Podcast

  • Becoming Your Greatest Possible Self Podcast


I wrote a book!

I took everything I had learned from being a Virtual Assistant, building a Network Marketing business (ended that opportunity when I started my business), from building my business, and from helping countless others build theirs, and I turned it into a book.

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