About Hannah

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Hi there!

You're probably here for one of several reasons:

  • You're looking to add something to you life

  • You're one of my supportive friends or family. Hi Mom and Dad!

  • Maybe, you're here because you can no longer stand working the 9-5 office grind.

  • It could be that you've started a side hustle and haven't quite figured out how to get to where you want to be.

  • Or, you're here because you want to make a larger impact on the world and haven't figured out how yet.

  • Maybe you're here, but not even completely sure why.

Whatever your reason, just know that by reading this, you've already shown me that you have an entrepreneurial spirit, a creative mind, and the motivation to do something about your problems.

And that right there, makes you AMAZING!

So now, let me introduce myself: My name is Hannah Morth and I am a Personal Business Coach. My mission is to help others, like yourself, create, monetize and scale their online businesses with ease and alignment to get them out of their 9-5s and to into their limitless lives!

Now, you're probably asking yourself, "Wow. How did Hannah become a Personal Business Coach?"

Well, let me tell you.

As a child, I always had a high motivational drive that has always made me want to succeed in everything that I do. This led to me kicking ass in high school, getting into a prominent university, graduating from said university and getting a job shortly after.  I followed this idea that if you work hard you will succeed and then you'll be happy

You know, the "American Dream."

But where I found myself was a very different place than happy. I found myself stuck at a desk for 8-9 hours a day, 5 days a week. I found myself excited for Fridays and dreading Mondays. Ever pretend to be working every time your boss walks past your desk, but are never actually doing anything? Yep, that was me too.

I found myself constantly tired, uninspired, and downright miserable.

I stopped setting goals for myself, I forgot about all of my dreams, and I fell into a depression. Every day seemed to go by the exact same as the last- with me counting down the hours until I could leave work. 

I lived like this for a long time- too long- until I decided to make a change. I started reading personal growth books, listening to podcasts featuring entrepreneurs and others that inspired me, I started connecting with like-minded people, I started practicing positivity and gratitude, and I started learning about the opportunities that exist in the world. 

Then, one day I took a leap.

I put all of my fears aside, quit my day job, and became a Personal Business Coach. I decided that I want to help others get out of their 9-5 hell that I had spent too much time in, because everyone deserves to be happy and to live the life they want to live.

Now, I have found fulfillment and happiness by helping others achieve their goals and dreams. My days are spent at coffee shops, going for walks, working on my business, reading books, traveling, testing my culinary skills, and whatever I feel like doing that day. And I would love to show you how you can do the same.